Friday, 10 September 2010


Recorded in a professional studio that, according to Philip Larkin was “alright for making a private record for your New Zealand cousins of your daughter singing Over The Rainbow”, this rare recording of the author reading his 1955 collection is seldom heard. It also states in the original Larkin sleevenotes that the studio was rather noisy during the recording: “there were all sorts of extra noises that were unsettling – people going upstairs, and pulling lavatory chains, and so on. You can’t hear them on the record, but they were there.” The recording took place on 24th October 1958 in London and was edited by George Hartley. It has been out of print for decades. It is one of only two recordings made by the poet reading his own work.

This very limited CD can now be bought at The Lost Noises Office Shop.